Repeal and Replace The 3% Tax Surcharge


MEREDA has been working with the Keep Maine Competitive Coalition to help pursue a legislative solution to the impacts Maine is set to face with the newly approved 3% surtax on incomes greater than $200,000.  Under the current law, Maine now has the 2nd highest income tax rate in the country at 10.15%.  As a result, we have heard from numerous business owners who are moving their operations elsewhere to escape the unreasonable tax, and we have joined the coalition to help repeal the 3% tax and ensure Maine businesses stay here and continue to produce Maine jobs.

The time for action is now! In the coming weeks, legislative leaders will meet with the Appropriations Committee to construct Maine’s next biennial budget. It is imperative that you reach out to your legislator and urge them to remove the 3 percent surtax and find an alternative funding source for education.

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5th Anniversary 'Strikes for Scholars' Bowl-a-Thon Fundraising Event





MEREDA is proud to host its 5th Annual "Strikes for Scholars" Fundraising Event at Bayside Bowl in Portland on May 4, 2017.  "Strikes for Scholars" supports scholarships for Maine students pursuing studies in building trades, architecture, construction, engineering or a business program at a Maine Community College (MCCS), or the College of Science, Technology & Health at the University of Southern Maine.



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"YIMBY"ism: YES in my Backyard - Why Development is Good
This event will offer a big picture perspective of how development is good for our future, and the rationale around smart growth development.  MEREDA is pleased to welcome Jesse Kanson-Benanav - a Boston-area pioneer in the YIMBY movement who has been instrumental as a leader on the frontlines of this potential sea change in the conversation about development—for a discussion about its present status and implications for the future.  His perspective will be augmented by a panel of local professionals who will anchor this national trend in local context. 

Attendees can expect to gain insight into the near future of community conversations about development, learn how to get more people to think more globally about development, and what it means for the real estate industry more broadly.

Attendees will learn about some of the roadblocks and some of the successful strategies to navigate the land use and zoning regulations to successfully get to a “YIMBY”. Some of those strategies include understanding the interplay between a city’s comprehensive plan and zoning codes, and which land use tools are also legal implements for a successful project review. 

This Course has been Approved for 3.00 Hours of Broker, Appraiser, Legal & Architect Continuing Education Credits.

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