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Efficiency Maine Breakfast Seminar: New Direction and New Programs: Efficiency Maine is "Open for Business"

October 28, 2010 - 7:30AM
to 9:00AM

Events on Broadway
729 Broadway Street
South Portland, ME

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About the Event:

Online registration for this event is now closed. Please contact MEREDA at 874-0801 for more details.

Buffet Breakfast:  7:30 AM ~ Program:  8:00 – 9:00 AM

Join us on Thursday, October 28, 2010 from 7:30 - 9:00 AM at Events on Broadway, 729 Broadway Street, South Portland, ME as our panelist, executive director of the Efficiency Maine Trust, Michael Stoddard, discusses the new direction of Efficiency Maine.  

The recent edition of Mainebiz declared Efficiency Maine “open for business.”  The independent trust, which administers statewide programs to promote cost-effective energy efficiency and alternative energy across Maine, has backed up this claim by issuing $10.5 million in grants to 113 commercial, industrial, and municipal consumers in the past two months.  As with all funding from the Efficiency Maine, the grants will be used to improve the energy efficiency and diversify the energy (e.g., heating) systems of buildings in the state.

Michael Stoddard, Efficiency Maine’s new executive director, will describe the organization’s new direction, including moving to an “All Fuels” approach to lower consumers’ thermal (oil and gas) as well as electric energy costs, and the aggressive new “Whole House” approach to improving residential properties.  Stoddard will report on the tremendous customer demand for rebates from the Home Energy Savings Program, and the emerging “PACE-style” financing to help homeowners cover the balance of costs for air sealing, insulating, and upgrading the heating system.

On July 1 of this year, responsibility for administering these programs was transferred to the Efficiency Maine Trust, led by a diverse, 9-member stakeholder board of trustees. Pursuant to targets and guidance provided in legislation, the trustees developed and approved a Triennial Plan and the Public Utility Commission, which retains oversight authority for the programs, has approved the plan.  Stoddard will review key elements of the Plan related to real estate sales and development and entertain a discussion on program directions for the year ahead.

Meet Our Panelist:

Michael D. Stoddard is the first Executive Director of the Efficiency Maine Trust, a position he started on March 22, 2010.  Before coming to the Trust, Michael was Senior Counsel at ENE (Environment Northeast), a non-profit research and advocacy group that specializes in climate and energy policy.  He was ENE’s lead energy advocate in Maine, where he helped to negotiate, draft and pass the legislation for Maine to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, reform of Maine’s building energy codes, and restructure Maine’s administration of energy programs.  He coordinated ENE’s programs in Canada and also directed ENE’s Transportation programs. He was a principal co-author of the Climate Change Roadmap for New England and Eastern Canada

Prior to working at ENE, Michael was the Assistant to the Chairman of the Federal Election Commission in Washington and worked for 6 years in international development work at the National Democratic Institute (NDI), traveling across South America and Africa.  In 1995, Michael lived in South Africa working on the development of that country’s new constitution.

Michael was appointed to the Maine Energy Conservation Board and also to the Governor’s Emergency Energy Task Force. Based on the work on this Task Force, Michael testified before the U.S. Senate, Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, on “Solutions to Cope with the Rise in Heating Oil Prices.”  He also serves on the Environmental Technology Advisory Board of the Maine Institute of Technology. 

Michael holds degrees from Williams College and the University of Maine School of Law.  Originally from Brunswick, Michael now resides in Portland and looks forward to his favorite part of each week, coaching his kids’ sports teams.

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09/29/2010   MEREDA Hosts Breakfast Seminar, “New Direction And New Programs: Efficiency Maine Is "Open For Business"   Release
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