Anew Development, LLC  


  Anew Development is an independent, Maine-based, Maine-focused real estate development company with a proven capacity to identify and lead innovative and successful projects. Anew develops a wide variety of housing and mixed-use projects; large to small, rental to ownership, market to affordable, adaptive reuse to new infill construction.

At Anew, real estate development is about much more than generating new leasable and saleable area. Anew recognizes that development is a critical social responsibility. With every project, Anew strives to ensure the most positive human, economic, and environmental outcomes possible for Maine neighborhoods and communities.
Contact:   Ethan Boxer-Macomber   Cell/Direct Line: 207-272-8550
Address:   PO Box 201
30 Danforth Street, Suite 213
Portland, ME 04112
  Phone: 207-272-8550
  MEREDA Member since 2016.
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