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Maine Rural Development Authority
  The Maine Rural Development Authority (MRDA) was established by the Maine Legislature in 2002 to assist Maine communities in realizing their economic development goals.

MRDA provides financial assistance to communities and their development partners to help develop speculative commercial and industrial buildings and to help develop/redevelop underutilized commercial industrial properties.

The primary focus of MRDA's activities is in the rural areas of Maine that have traditionally not experienced the same level of economic development success as other regions of the state, have experienced major economic losses such as plant closings and downsizings or are economically distressed.
Contact:   Sally A. Garand
Program Officer
Address:   c/o FAME
P.O. Box 949
Augusta, ME 04330
    5 Community Drive
Augusta, ME 04330
  Phone: (207) 620-3532
Fax: (207) 213-2632
  MEREDA Member since 2016.