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  02/20/2018   Tax Reform and the Real Estate Industry  
  02/13/2018   Maine Real Estate Industry Leaders Recognized at MEREDA's 2018 Forecast Conference  
  02/06/2018   No room at the inn; low vacancy rates squeeze urban centers  
  01/23/2018   Maine's real estate sector hits record high  
  12/12/2017   The Right Equation for Responsible Development: Spotlight on Young Street Apartments  
  11/28/2017   Less Parking, More Walking (and Reading and Biking and...)  
  11/21/2017   How To: Sublet your way around a commercial real estate shortage  
  11/07/2017   Change or Die: A short game, long game, or no game manifesto from home building guru George Casey.  
  10/31/2017   Portland Question 1. Big bureaucracy that's bad for affordable housing.  
  10/10/2017   The Right Equation for Responsible Development: Spotlight on Meetinghouse Lofts Condominiums  
  09/26/2017   The Right Equation for Responsible Development: Spotlight on Ridgewood at Village Square  
  09/19/2017   Has E-commerce Plateaued? An Economist and a Millennial in Conversation  
  09/05/2017   The Right Equation for Responsible Development: Spotlight on Mission Hill  
  08/29/2017   2017 Changes to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Documents  
  08/15/2017   The Right Equation for Responsible Development: Spotlight on Village Centre  
  08/08/2017   MEREDA's Year in Review 2016 - 2017  
  08/01/2017   MEREDA Continues to Improve Real Estate Development Climate - Succeeds in Changing Two Laws to Streamline Processes and Minimizes Two Fee Increases During 2017 Legislative Session  
  07/25/2017   The Right Equation for Responsible Development: Spotlight on The Lofts at Saco Falls  
  07/18/2017   The Economic Impact of MaineHousing's Investment in Affordable Multifamily Housing: State and Regional  
  07/11/2017   Is Your Paycheck Protected?  
  07/04/2017   The Right Equation for Responsible Development: Spotlight on Wayfair at Brunswick Landing  
  06/27/2017   THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM 2.0  
  06/20/2017   Home Building's 'Elephant in the Room' ... a manifesto from operations guru George Casey.  
  06/13/2017   Maine Real Estate & Development Association Awards Top 10 Notable Projects of 2016  
  06/06/2017   YIMBYers extol the virtues of development  
  05/30/2017   Maine's second biggest industry as healthy as it's been in 11 years  
  05/23/2017   The Trend Toward Car-Free Cities Is Picking Up Speed  
  05/02/2017   Challenges for Marijuana Businesses and their Vendors  
  04/18/2017   How to speed up the Commercial Real Estate Appraisal process  
  04/04/2017   2017 Greater Portland, Maine Industrial Market Snapshot  
  03/28/2017   Succession Planning with an Employee Stock Ownership Plan  
  03/14/2017   Keys to an Effective Environmental Risk Management Program (ERMP)  
  02/28/2017   Maine experts still proclaim Portland "hot," see growth expanding north  
  02/21/2017   Real estate luminaries honored with 2017 awards  
  02/14/2017   Office Market Overview  
  11/15/2016   Passive House Pushes [& Seals] The Envelope  
  11/08/2016   The New-Old Humpty Dumpty  
  10/25/2016   When Generations Collide  
  10/11/2016   The Right Equation for Responsible Development: Spotlight on Pepperell Mill Campus  
  10/04/2016   OSHA Provides Final Rule on Silicia - Major Changes Likely Ahead for the Construction Industry  
  09/27/2016   How Technology is Disrupting Real Estate  
  09/13/2016   The Right Equation for Responsible Development: Spotlight on The Mill at Dover-Foxcroft  
  09/06/2016   The Art of the Donald | Presidential primary politics as a real estate development deal?  
  08/23/2016   How the New Overtime Regulations Will Affect the Real Estate Industry  
  08/16/2016   MEREDA's Year in Review 2015 -2016  
  08/09/2016   The Right Equation for Responsible Development: Spotlight on Capital Judicial Center  
  08/02/2016   MEREDA Raises Money for Maine Students through Scholarship Fundraiser  
  07/26/2016   Energy Islanding: Creating Microgrids for Grid Resiliency and On Site Generation  
  07/19/2016   Maine Real Estate & Development Association Names New President and Announces 2016-17 Officers  
  07/12/2016   The Right Equation for Responsible Development: Spotlight on the Circular Block Building  
  07/05/2016   Lead Paint and Drinking Water in Maine - Now Under Even More Scrutiny, with More Enforcement and Liability Issues Coming  
  06/28/2016   3 Ways to a Faster Commercial Mortgage Loan Decision  
  06/21/2016   Homeownership Remains Affordable; Rentals Less So  
  06/14/2016   Construction considerations in the craft beer industry  
  06/07/2016   The Right Equation for Responsible Development: Spotlight on The Press Hotel  
  05/31/2016   MEREDA Index comes in at a healthy 91  
  05/24/2016   Employees 'win career lottery' at office of the future conference in Portland  
  05/17/2016   Historic Masonry Reborn - "The care of historic brick and stone buildings in Maine"  
  04/19/2016   Lurking just below the surface of the Real Estate Recovery  
  04/12/2016   New England Market Overview  
  03/29/2016   Multi-Family Market Update  
  03/15/2016   Southern Midcoast Commercial Happenings  
  03/08/2016   Legal Implications of Using Drones  
  03/01/2016   Greater Portland, Maine Industrial Market Snapshot  
  02/23/2016   Encore of solid performance for latest MEREDA Index  
  02/16/2016   Maintaining the Market Value of Lakefront Property  
  02/09/2016   Five real estate luminaries presented with awards  
  02/02/2016   Experts, numbers show optimism for Maine real estate in 2016  
  01/26/2016   Greenleaf and the Legislative Response To It.  
  12/29/2015   START MAKING DENSE: When it comes down to it, housing affordability's 'guy behind the tree' is you and me  
  12/22/2015   Are you Planning for a Highly Collaborative Office Workforce?  
  12/15/2015   Year End Planning for Businesses  
  12/08/2015   Exaggerations on the Death of the Private Office  
  11/24/2015   Finding Equitable Stormwater Funding  
  11/17/2015   The Right Equation for Responsible Development: Spotlight on The Hyatt Place Portland, Old Port  
  11/10/2015   The "Cap Rate"  
  10/27/2015   MEREDA Endorses Question 2 on Statewide Ballot, Opposes Question 2 in Portland  
  10/20/2015   The Right Equation for Responsible Development: Spotlight on The Bay House Condominiums  
  10/13/2015   Do You Have a License For That? When You Need More Than A Handshake  
  10/06/2015   Emerging workplace challenges: age, weight and drugs  
  09/22/2015   Be prepared for the worst by being the best prepared.  
  09/08/2015   Department of Justice Best Practices on Cybersecurity: Guidance for Smaller Organizations  
  08/25/2015   The Right Equation for Responsible Development: Spotlight on Seaport Village & The Inn at Seaport  
  08/18/2015   Brand Marketing Positions Businesses for Top Price When Selling  
  08/11/2015   The First Regular Session of the 127th Legislature was exciting and eventful. Read on for a review of the highlights.  
  08/04/2015   IRS Form 3115 and Common Area Maintenance Charges  
  07/28/2015   The Right Equation for Responsible Development: Spotlight on Courtyard by Marriott  
  07/21/2015   Protect your Commercial Real Estate Investment  
  07/14/2015   Kick Your Taxes Down the Road with a Like-Kind Exchange  
  07/07/2015   Longtime Board Members Retire from Real Estate Organization  
  06/30/2015   The Role of the Real Estate Appraiser  
  06/23/2015   The Lead Poisoning Control Act: What it Means for Maine Landlords  
  06/09/2015   An Increase in the MEREDA Index Provides Encouragement for the Real Estate Development Community  
  06/02/2015   The Right Equation for Responsible Development: Spotlight on Falmouth Schools Redevelopment Project  
  05/26/2015   Maine's Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit  
  05/19/2015   Maine's Growing Food Economy & Its Impact on Real Estate  
  05/12/2015   MEREDA Brought National Speaker to Maine for Discussion on Consumer Insights for Residential Development Opportunities by Generation  
  04/21/2015   TechPlace an Exciting Project for the State and Region  
  04/14/2015   Real Estate Tip: Buyers' Blues  
  04/07/2015   Are you ready for IPD?  
  03/31/2015   Appraising Real Estate in Maine - Important Regulatory Information  
  03/24/2015   Donating Real Estate to Charity  
  03/17/2015   Green Building Systems - What is out there  
  03/10/2015   The Outlook for Maine's Economy is Bright  
  03/03/2015   Market Conditions Are Driving Company Value Up  
  02/24/2015   Fires Spark Needed Landlord-Tenant Discussions  
  02/17/2015   Maine Real Estate Industry Leaders Recognized at MEREDA's 2015 Forecast Conference  
  02/03/2015   Maine's Real Estate Industry Leaders Project "A New Normal" for 2015 at MEREDA's Annual Forecast Conference  
  01/27/2015   Property Tax Alert: Law Changes How Property Tax Assessors Gather and Protect Proprietary Information  
  01/06/2015   MEREDA's Annual Real Estate Forecast Conference and Member Showcase is January 22!  
  12/30/2014   AARP Maine's Age-Friendly Community Program Seeks to Keep Maine Seniors Home  
  12/23/2014   Real Estate Professionals - Planning Around the Passive Activity Loss Rules  
  12/16/2014   Environmental Issues in Business Transactions - Problems and Practical Problem Solving  
  12/09/2014   Opinions of Value - and why they differ  
  12/02/2014   How a lease agreement can make or break your business  
  11/25/2014   Maine Supreme Court Upholds Conditional Rezoning: What it means for Real Estate  
  11/18/2014   Pitfalls at the Intersection of Income & Estate Tax: Planning for Real Estate  
  11/11/2014   Changing the Status Quo of Investing with a Self Directed Retirement Account (SDRA)  
  11/04/2014   Fired for being Canadian?!? That's OUTRAGEOUS!  
  10/28/2014   Design the right time for building technology  
  10/21/2014   Downtown vs the suburbs: How office markets need to change with the times  
  10/14/2014   Six things to consider when purchasing investment real estate  
  10/07/2014   Shoreland Zoning Rule Changes Coming Soon  
  09/30/2014   The Shift to Renting  
  09/23/2014   Hiring a Commercial Real Estate Appraiser  
  09/16/2014   Appealing FEMA's Newly Proposed Flood Maps  
  09/09/2014   Gardiner Growth Initiative and Creative Credit Enhancement Programs Spur New Investment in a Historic Downtown  
  09/02/2014   The Business Case for Energy Efficiency  
  08/19/2014   52 Scatter - the Maine Legislature shuffles the deck  
  08/12/2014   Residential Rentals are a Product - Know Your Market and Respond  
  08/05/2014   Free Address Workplace - A New Trend in Designing Office Space  
  07/29/2014   How Maine is Re-engaging Downtowns and Old Buildings  
  07/15/2014   Think Twice Before Signing Citizens Initiative Petition  
  07/08/2014   An Introduction to Property Tax Abatements in Maine  
  07/01/2014   Drew Sigfridson Passes MEREDA's Presidential Baton After a Busy Two-Year Term  
  06/24/2014   New Hyatt Place adds energy, jobs, and innovations to Old Port  
  06/17/2014   How Might New Maine Legislation Impact Your Business  
  06/03/2014   Need for statewide economic development plan explored at Maine business forum  
  05/27/2014   Real Estate Development 101: Plan Your Work - Work Your Plan  
  05/20/2014   New "Jewel" Hotel in a Platinum Setting Honors the Past while Building for the Future  
  05/13/2014   450 jobs and 600,00 SF: A Redevelopment Update from MRRA  
  05/06/2014   Implementing Integrated Work  
  04/29/2014   Maine's State Historic Tax Credit Under Scrutiny by Maine Legislature this Winter  
  04/22/2014   Barns are the New Banquet Hall: Capitalizing on Wedding Trends to Benefit Maine's Economy  
  04/15/2014   Cost Effective Historic Building Rehabilitation through Masonry Conditions Assessments  
  04/08/2014   A closer look at the Pepperell Mill in Biddeford  
  04/01/2014   Moving 101: Your Guide to Corporate Relocation  
  03/25/2014   Leveraging Public Entertainment Space  
  03/18/2014   A Developer's Primer: How to Make Use of Maine's Municipal TIF Program  
  03/11/2014   Tax Advantages of Solar or Geothermal Energy  
  03/04/2014   Welcome to the Maine Real Estate Insider  
  11/30/1999   Sustainable Stormwater Infrastructure = Sustainable Growth: Perspectives on Stormwater Service Fee Programs and Credits  

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