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Booth 13

Dead River Properties | Paragon Commercial Real Estate & Management
2 Market Street, 5th Floor
Portland, ME 04101

(MEREDA Member Since 1999)

Business Type: Commercial Real Estate

Contact:   Anne L. Littlefield, General Manager
Tel:   (207) 773-5868
Fax:   (207) 773-5839
Email:   anne.littlefield@deadriver.com

Contact:   Debra Napolitano, President
Tel:   (207) 775-7300
Fax:   (207) 775-4440
Email:   deb@paragonre.com

Address:   Two Monument Square, Suite 910
Portland, ME 04101

Dead River Properties is the real estate investment division of the Dead River Company, a privately-held residential and commercial fuels provider servicing ME, NH & VT. Dead River has retail, office and industrial properties from New England to Florida.

Paragon Commercial Real Estate strives to maintain the quality and long-standing relationships it has built over the years and to provide excellent service to a select clientele. Our brokerage is specialized—we provide full market knowledge and opinion of value using market comparables and financial analysis in order for the client to properly assess their options and then negotiate terms appropriate to the client’s needs.



6 City Center, 3rd Floor | Portland, Maine 04101 | Tel: (207) 874-0801 | Fax: (207) 899-4870

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