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Booth 17

Bangor Region Development Alliance

(Showcase Exhibitor 2010)

Business Type: Economic Development

Contact:   David Milan, Past President
Tel:   (207) 947-0307
Fax:   (207) 990-1427
Email:   info@mainegateway.com

Address:   519 Main Street, Bangor, ME 04401

The Bangor Region Development Alliance is a ten year old public-private partnership committed to a single cause – promoting the Bangor region. BRDA promotes investment and economic development by seeking out companies that would benefit by expanding or relocating their business and connecting them with prospective local business partners. BRDA is particularly focused on attracting business investments and economic growth opportunities from the Canadian provinces and from biotech, boatbuilding, composites, marine trades and precision manufacturing industries. We offer site location services to companies interested in the Bangor Region by assisting site-selectors and prospective businesses establish key relationships, coordinate visits, identify funding sources and R&D opportunities, and keep projects on schedule.



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