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Kennebec Regional Development Authority (KRDA)

(MEREDA Member Since 2010)

Business Type: Economic Development Organization and Municipal Business Park

Contact:   Brad Jackson, Executive Director
Tel:   (207) 859-9716
Fax:   (207) 859-9719
Email:   bjackson@firstpark.com

Address:   PO Box 246, Oakland, ME 04963

The Kennebec Regional Development Authority (KRDA) is a quasi-municipal organization created by the state legislature.   It’s legislative mandate is to promote economic development in the Kennebec River Valley under a collaborative basis.   FirstPark, the state’s premier business address and technology park, is a manifestation of this cooperative ideal.   The KRDA represents the most successful lead generation program for foreign direct investment in the state.   In 2014 the KRDA introduced three Canadian firms representing over $40 million in investment to Central Maine and FirstPark.   The KRDA is actively seeking developers willing to invest in the Central Maine region to provide facilities for the portfolio of firms it is advising and assisting into the Kennebec Valley.

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