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Booth 02

Q10 | New England Realty Resources, LLC

(MEREDA Member Since 2006)

Business Type: Commercial Mortgage Financing

Contact:   Edward J. Riekstins, President
Tel:   (617) 728-9538
Fax:   (617) 426-8938
Email:   edwardr@q10nerr.com

Contact:   James M. Whelan, Sr. Vice President
Tel:   (207) 883-9939
Fax:   (207) 883-9929
Email:   jwhelan@q10nerr.com

Address:   Ten Winthrop Square, Suite 100, Boston, MA† 02110

Address:   6 Williamsburg Lane, Scarborough, ME 04074

Q10| New England Realty Resources has been a leader in providing real estate capital solutions for commercial property, with over $4 billion in arranged financings since the companyís formation in 1982.† As a founding member of Q10†Capital, LLC, one of the nationís largest intermediaries in the placement of commercial real estate capital, we have the ability to handle the most complex transactions; whether it is a single property financing or multiple properties in multi-state locations.† Our ownership in Q10 Capital, LLC provides us with a national infrastructure while maintaining the local and regional market expertise.†

For more information on our lending programs, please contact Jamie Whelan at (207) 883-9939, or visit our website at www.q10newenglandrealty.com.



6 City Center, 3rd Floor | Portland, Maine 04101 | Tel: (207) 874-0801 | Fax: (207) 899-4870

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