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Booth T03

U. S. Green Building Council - Maine Chapter

(Showcase Exhibitor 2009)

Business Type: Non-Profit

Contact:   Heidi Farber, Executive Director
Tel:   (207) 329-0700
Email:   executivedirector@maineusgbc.org

Address:   PO Box 2001, Portland, ME 04104

The Maine Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council is Maine’s foremost coalition of leaders from across the building industry working to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy places to live and work.  The Chapter promotes green buildings and provides educational forums and trainings for the public and professionals alike.



6 City Center, 3rd Floor | Portland, Maine 04101 | Tel: (207) 874-0801 | Fax: (207) 899-4870

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