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Paragon Management | Paragon Commercial Real Estate

(MEREDA Member Since 2005)

Business Type: Property Management & Commercial Real Estate

Contact:   Debra Napolitano, Principal
Contact:   Drew Swenson, Principal
Address:   PO Box 17536, Portland, ME 04112

Tel:  (207) 775-7300  Paragon Commercial Real Estate

         (207) 221-2359 Paragon Management

Fax:  (207) 775-4440 

Websites:  |  Email:  |  Email:

The Paragon Companies maintain high quality and long-standing relationships with their clients; providing excellent service to a select clientele.  Our brokerage and management is specialized – we provide full market knowledge, brokerage, property and asset management, tax compliance and consulting, construction management and real estate diligence services using proprietary information and financial analysis so that our clients can properly assess their options and maximize their real estate value.